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The Science & Technology Advisory Board of the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization (LAEO) herein presents a  position paper entitled A Call for a Twenty-First-Century Solution in Oil Spill Response. The goal of this effort is to get safe, non-toxic, cost-effective, oil-spill response procedures adopted for all future incidents in U.S. navigable waters and around the world.

The material contained in this analysis and guide is a constructive offering for every oil company and every oil-producing nation in the world to better manage potentially contaminated ecosystems. This work brings a new analysis and assessment of oil-spill disaster response and offers effective alternative technologies for replacing toxic dispersant chemical application in an oil spill or deep-water drilling crisis like the 2010 BP blowout and oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It contains guidelines for the selection process for cleanup agents, along with an evaluation process (toxicity, effectiveness, speed, cost) that can be used to grade potential effectiveness of those agents toward removing spilled oil from the environment.

Alongside publishing this guide containing new recommendations to industry and environmental stakeholders, LAEO has launched a government and public education awareness campaign. The campaign, headquartered at this web site, seeks to bring critically important reforms in oil spill cleanup regulatory procedures and guidelines to the attention of the EPA, other responsible agencies, industry leaders, environmental groups and anyone who may be concerned about protecting the planet’s natural resources, wildlife, marine life, and the public’s health.

In addition to our 44-page position paper, we have written a 4-page overview of the document and recommend that you read this as your first step. Both of these documents can be viewed and/or downloaded on our Solutions page.

If you agree with the position we lay out in these documents, please do what you can to help open worldwide industry discussion and build a consensus for safe, non-toxic, efficient, lower-cost, oil-spill response methods.

Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization

Help us forward a global movement for change in oil spill response, and close the door on the use of toxic dispersants in our oceans and waters.

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 Bring this information to the attention of federal and state    regulators, energy  industry professionals  and  environmentally                                                                       mindful citizens, friends, family, all your networks!

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Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization’s Hidden Crisis in the Gulf” documentary excerpt.Investigative reports regarding toxic dispersant use in the Gulf of Mexico.

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