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Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization

Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization

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Cooperative Ecology–Our Core Philosophy for Collaborative and Constructive Action

Co-authors of A Call for a 21st-Century SOLUTION in Oil Spill Response. (Click here for more information about the co-authors.)

The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization was founded by internationally acclaimed, South African conservationist Dr. Lawrence Anthony who is well known for his remarkable 5½-month rescue initiative of the animals and staff of the Baghdad Zoo at the start of the Iraqi War in 2003, as well as his legendary relationship with a herd of wild elephants on his game reserve.

As a result of his experiences in Baghdad, as well as a searching look at the down-trending statistics of the natural world, Dr. Anthony decided to found a unique, independent, science-based environmental organization dedicated to bringing effective, long-term solutions to the global problems we all face. One key aspect that sets LAEO apart is the understanding that, for a solution to truly be a workable, long-term answer, it must address and benefit by far the greater number of elements involved in any situation, including Mankind’s global expansion, commerce, industry, people, jobs, other plants and animals, etc; not just a single aspect of the problem or a particular species.

We are pro business, pro expanding economy, pro jobs, pro people, in addition to being pro wildlife and environment.

Our Operating Principle

We have conceived a new term to describe the basic principles on which we operate:

Cooperative Ecology – defined as the study of the mutual interdependency and cooperation of all life forms and the material world. It is based on the premise that all life forms are interdependent and engaged upon the same objective – to survive – and are acting in mutual support of this objective for their mutual perpetuation. The moment life forms, including Mankind, fall away from the concept of mutual cooperation with all other life forms and the material world, their capability to survive diminishes and becomes less effective. It includes the study of man’s sciences in view of this cooperative relationship of all life forms and it determines the value of sciences on these principles. Whether sciences bring about a steady improvement for life forms and the material world or whether they create imbalances determines to what degree the sciences, themselves, are cooperating with life and, thereby, their relative value. The study includes, as well, ecological and economic policy and their effects based on these principles. It is holistic in scope, by necessity, and requires the interaction with, and study of, the full spectrum of scientific methods and views, all life forms and their interrelationships, micro to macro economic, governmental, religious and population systems and their relations to each other on the environment.

The objective of Cooperative Ecology is to generate improved science and policy that increase the survival potential and productivity for all interdependent life to a level of balanced abundance guaranteeing mutual perpetuity.

Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization International and Its Chapters

LAEO International provides guidance and information for its chapters related to projects and scientific research, and helps to coordinate mutual environmental and conservation activities.. There are currently 25 chapters around the world in the following countries: South Africa, USA, Hungary, France, Italy, England, India, Malaysia, Zambia, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Togo, Cameroon, Namibia, Ivory Coast, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Uganda, with more chapters forming up.

Each chapter is involved in local projects such as addressing pollution and water issues, environmental and conservation education, anti-poaching initiatives, wildlife preservation, eco system restoration which includes reforestation and toxic spill site cleanup, and introducing effective technologies to resolve environmental situations.

Our Founder  (Click on this link for more information about our Dr. Lawrence Anthony.)

United States Board of Directors:

This Board specifically guides the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization U.S.

International Advisory Board:

Our International Advisory Board Members help to guide our activities and focus, ensuring that the solutions we introduce are thoroughly grounded in proven scientific data.

U.S. Advisory Board

Our U.S. Advisory Board members help to guide our activities and focus, ensuring that the solutions we introduce are thoroughly grounded in proven scientific data, and best practices for Public Relations, administration and cooperative efforts.

The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization (LAEO) U.S.

The Earth Organization US is part of an international alliance of LAEO non-profit organizations, although it has a global scope and exports its education programs and research to chapters worldwide, in addition to its U.S.-based projects.