Authors of A Call for a 21st-Century SOLUTION in Oil Spill Response


DIane Wagenbrenner

Diane Wagenbrenner - As an Executive and Public Relations Specialist, Diane Wagenbrenner has held a wide range of Research, Communications, PR, and Marketing responsibilities in public-facing social betterment organizations, as well as corporate environments for more than 30 years. Having extensive experience advising senior level management and providing Strategic Planning, Campaign Program Management and solutions for overcoming Public Image challenges, she has taken struggling groups and organizations as well as going concerns into higher levels of productivity and accelerated expansion. Now dedicated to restoring the ecosystems of the world, she is engaged in projects to research the failures of communications and effective action between Energy Industry, Environmental Science and Technology professionals and Government stakeholders, with the purpose of fostering more effective cooperative ecology. Current Project: Modernize Oil Spill Clean Up Protocols and Contingency Plans which includes employing technology that will, in reality, clean up the Gulf of Mexico and any areas that have been impacted by oil spills.

Marynette L. Herndon, EN, CHMM*, REM** has a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering and is president of the consulting firm Herndon & Associates, Inc. She has a background in Health Physics/Radiation Protection and her career includes oil spill cleanup, remediation of private and government facilities and superfund sites and the successful environmental cleanup of radioactive and toxic chemicals during decommissioning of a commercial nuclear power plant. She received the 1997 Secretary of Energy’s National Award for Radioactive/Hazardous Waste Recycling and for her oil spill cleanup and remediation work in the six Strategic Petroleum Reserve oil storage facilities and terminal in Texas and Louisiana and the Louisiana Governor’s Environmental Leadership Award in 1998. *CHMM = Certified Hazardous Materials Manager **REM = Registered Environmental Manager*

Dr. Paul Sammarco is a Professor and Senior Scientist of the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium. As a PhD in Ecology and Evolution, and a B.A. in Biology, he has published numerous articles in scientific journals on subjects as diverse as the effects of crude oil spills on Louisiana salt marshes, the effects of changing environmental influences on coral reefs, the use of ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) to define the distribution and abundance of corals on "Rigs to Reefs" artificial reef structures in the Gulf of Mexico, coral reef regeneration, and the use of current scientific knowledge to mold present and future environmental policy.

Alex Nicholson  - Scientist and Aerospace Engineer
- Mr. Nicolson grew up on a farm on a small island in Scotland, graduating from the University of Glasgow with a Masters in Engineering, and, subsequently, from McGill University Montreal with an MBA. He has spent over 40 years in the Mechanical Engineering, Technical Sales and Marketing fields, both in Canada and the US.

His industry and business experience covers aerospace, oil production and refining, and nuclear power.  He worked on the design, development and testing of space craft and satellites for Earth Environmental Studies, and Mars and Jupiter missions for the Jet Propulsion Laboratories of NASA in Southern California. He has published numerous scientific papers and articles for a variety of technical journals and magazines.

Jeanne Pascal was a Senior Environmental Attorney for the Environmental Protection Agency for 26 years. Her primary focus at the EPA was on debarment issues for the federal government. Ms. Pascal has been a tremendous asset to LAEO's efforts to get effective oil spill cleanup methodologies implemented.

Barbara Wiseman - 
In 2003, Barbara was the Executive Director of a management consulting firm in Los Angeles, CA, when Dr. Lawrence Anthony asked her to help him create the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization. Until Dr. Anthony’s passing in 2012, they worked together to build and expand LAEO’s reach around the world. Mrs. Wiseman holds the functions of Executive Director for LAEO US, LAEO US Board member, as well as LAEO's International President. Beginning with the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Barbara began researching to find effective methods that could be immediately implemented to swiftly and thoroughly clean up the toxic oil and chemical dispersants that so negatively impacted the wildlife, marine life, and public’s health.  Once solutions were found, she has then lead LAEO’s campaign to break down arbitrary barriers put in place by government regulators, and now expanded LAEO’s focus to all oil spills around the world.

Patricia Hilgard, PhD - For 33 years, from 1976 to 2010, Ms. Hilgard served as a senior Toxicologist, Risk Assessor, and Technical Review Panelist for the U.S. EPA based in Washington, D.C. Among her many impressive accomplishments during her tenure with the EPA, she developed health and environmental criteria for acceptable fragrance ingredients to be used in commercial cleaning product formulations, published (2013) by EPA under the Green Chemistry Program. Pat co-chaired the Risk Assessment Training Program, covering such topics as green chemistry and engineering, emerging chemical issues, new and alternative testing methodologies, and the analysis and interpretation of genomic studies for their application in new chemical reviews and determinations, life-cycle accounting and economics related to chemical substitutes and affordability of proposed testing; represented EPA regulatory perspective while serving as an Editor for the Risk Assessment section of the Journal of the Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (JSETAC). Other career highlights were her participation in environmental programming of the Woodrow Wilson International Center including the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies, and with the Wilson Center, US AID, and EPA on issues of China, India, and Africa.