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Rhinos, Elephants and Friends with Fins Team Up to Save Earth’s Oceans and Waters from Chemical Ruin!



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Friends with Fins and LAEO Team Work!

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Our work not only addresses endangered species like Rhinos and Elephants, but also focuses on promoting and implementing effective technologies for removing chemical pollutants from Earth’s waters, a major situation threatening marine creatures and all life on earth.

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Because None Survive Alone!




We want to team up with you and are hoping  you will join the team by becoming a Co-Eco Ed  Subscriber. All educational information provided in education videos with funding from your donations is produced in consultation with our Science and Technology Committee and subject matter experts.

All non-profit proceeds will go towards our Clean Waters and Environmental Solutions Education Programs. And, your donations will not only help your kids grow their love, care and appreciation for nature, but are tax deductible as a long term investment in Earth’s future.

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[i] Cooperative Ecology ® defined: Co-Eco Education and Action is about raising humanity’s awareness of the vital partnership for survival that every one of us has with the natural world.  See more at:

Download document here: Friends with Fins and LAEO Team Work!



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