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If you don’t think you should be breathing toxic oil-dispersant chemicals,why are they ‘safe’ for marine life?


Ban This Practice Now!

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Oil Spill Response Campaign Kit


    1. Direct people to specific pages on this web site that match their area of interest to our web site:
    2. A 30-second video alert on YouTube. The link can be sent out to drive people to this  web site for more information and access to the educational materials here.
    3. Download Flier:  This can be sent as an attachment to an email.
    4. Download A press release with general information for your local media outlets.
    5. Download Attached are 2 samples of suggested letters that you can use to introduce the paper and campaign.
    6. Download Attached is a page of a few suggested Tweets that you can send out, if you use Twitter.  These are also suggested things you could put in “comments” on other people’s blogs or after articles related to oil spill cleanup, or cleanup of contaminated waters and soil.
    7. Download Attached is a simple Program of suggested steps for you to follow to provide ideas about the types of things you can do in your area to support this campaign.

We hope these tools will be a great help to you in forwarding our mutual goals to clean up the waters of the world and create a healthier environment for all life.


The Team Action is Simple

The Effect-HUGE!

Download Your Campaign Kit Here!