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LAEO Written Testimony to California Lawmakers re: Failed Oil Spill Response Submitted  July 5, 2015 CLICK HERE

Refugio Santa Barbara Oil Spill-Formal Request Package to FOSCs:

Refugio Solutions Documentation Package:

1. Letter to Santa Barbara Unified Command FOSC’s

2. Science and Tech Summary-Biological Agent-Enzyme Category

3. Bioremediation for Oil Spill Response, Technical Paper

4. Optimizing Oil Spill Response Systems Booklet

5. Saudi Arabia King Fadh University Literature Review-Oil Spill Eater, Bioremediation Enzyme Category Oil Spill Clean Up Technology review.

6. Experimental Design Outline

Take Action Information Resources

Co-Eco Educational Links and Documents: 

Download – A Call for a Twenty-First-Century Solution in Oil Spill Response:


Download Documentation on Oil Spill Solutions Here:

An LAEO Science and Technology Committee Review: Water/Soil Pollution Cleanup Technology

Oil  Spill Eater II—Enzyme Type Bioremediation — For the Removal of Oil and Chemical Spills


 Referenced in LAEO Review Paper above: Bio Aquatic Lab NCP Complete Testing


Referenced in LAEO Review Paper above: OSE II Efficacy Documentation


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To give support to:  A Call for a Twenty-First-Century Solution in Oil Spill Response Research 

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All proceeds from the purchase of this research paper go towards funding new research, environmental restoration programs and endangered species sanctuaries – such as our Rhino Orphan Sanctuary and Thula Thula animal reserve in South Africa.