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Santa Barbara Refugio Spill-We CAN do Better!

LAEO Written Testimony re: Failed Oil Spill Response-Submitted July 5, 2015  CLICK HERE

Attachments Referred to in Testimony Letter:


Refugio Solutions Documentation Package:

1. Letter to Santa Barbara Unified Command FOSC’s

2. Science and Tech Summary-Biological Agent-Enzyme Category

3. Bioremediation for Oil Spill Response, Technical Paper

4. Optimizing Oil Spill Response Systems Booklet

5. Saudi Arabia King Fadh University Literature Review-Oil Spill Eater, Bioremediation Enzyme Category Oil Spill Clean Up Technology review.

6. Experimental Design Outline


Take Action Information Resources

Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization’s Public Comment to EPA OfficialsClick Here to download LAEO’s Official Public Comment

Educational Links and Documents: 

Alert Project Information

We believe that Dr. Riki Ott and her Alert team have made very constructive proposals that will enhance the NCP and the capability of all interagency representatives tasked with protecting the biological integrity of our lands and waters.  The Alert Project website contains a wealth of information from experts on the needed revamp of our National Contingency Plan.

     Important Briefing on Alaska

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A Call for Change in Oil Spill Response

  • Ban the use of toxic chemical dispersants, or any other scientifically identified toxic agent used for oil spill “cleanup,” in US navigable waters and all environments.
  • Revise and correct the National Contingency Plan and all related guidance documents referenced by Regional and Area Response Teams to reflect current science and information, specifically including

» The immediate withdrawal of the EPA’s preapproval (blanket authorization) for the use of dispersants in US navigable waters as part of the National Contingency Plan;
» Correction of all material guiding the use of Bioremediation Agents , to remove the misinformation and to list EA Type as a first-response nontoxic option;
» Add the article BIOREMEDIATION TECHNIQUES, CATEGORY DEFINITIONS, AND MODES OF ACTION IN MARINE AND FRESHWATER ENVIRONMENTS to the NRT, RRT, NOAA, and Coast Guard published bioremediation materials to reeducate all team members on the corrected science concerning bioremediation.

  • Exert pressure on the US EPA to issue the necessary authorization for nontoxic bioremediation methods already screened by EPA scientists and listed on the NCP Product Schedule (Bioremediation Agent Type EA–example of this type is OSE II) to be deployed immediately to bring the Gulf waters and associated environments back to good health.
  • Raise pollution removal standards up to the original intent of the Clean Water Act by requiring all companies that have the potential through their working processes of creating oil spills to include NCP-listed products that are nontoxic in their cleanup protocols, ensuring their plans employ methods that swiftly and completely remove oil from a spill area.

If you find this to be a worthwhile message and purpose, please help us by passing it on to others. Your help and support is welcome and appreciated.

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